Mount Gilead Children

We work tirelessly for our children to see how the bible fits into their lives, grasp an understanding of God, and build great friendships that last.  At Mt. Gilead, our children's ministry is designed with one thing in mind, YOUR CHILDREN!

In every class, all of our team members are well trained, interviewed, and background checked.  You should always feel safe checking your children in!

Children's Ministry - PreK - 4th Grade

Join us every Sunday and Wednesday for an engaging time! 


Students don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.


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We are the John 3:6teens
Heart to heart Bible study every Wednesday at 7pm
Sunday school every Sunday at 9:15am
Financial Awareness Series: 
Students will learn about entrepreneurship and how to start and maintain a business. Students will start their own businesses to present in the Mt. Gilead Teen Expo in October in which they will sell their goods and services and showcase their businesses. This is a monthly event from May until September. 
May 20, 2017 10AM to 11:30AM
June 24, 2017 11AM - 1PM
July 22, 2017 11AM - 1PM
August 19, 2017 11AM - 1PM
September 16, 2017 11AM - 1PM
June 3, 2017; Escape Game and Dinner with Pastor Mitchell 5PM